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The media role in the social and political development: Emphasizing about Iran semanticist society (13494 Views)
The Process of Development in Modern Malaysia (7688 Views)
Recognition of New Salafist Groups’ Currents in Syria based on Discourse Analysis (7096 Views)
Assessment of Competition Element Impact on Proxy Wars of Iran and Saudi Arabia (7048 Views)
Isis Advent Consequences on the Middle East Geopolitics (7023 Views)
Components of Citizenship Rights from the View Point of Imam Ali (PBUH) (6702 Views)
Recognition of Key Factors of Uprising in the Arabic Middle East by Fuzzy Delphi (6679 Views)
Iran and Turkey's Foreign Policy and Stances Towards the Syria Crisis (6634 Views)
Praxeology of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood during the Reign (Recognition of the Fall of Muslim Brotherhood After One Year in Office) (6471 Views)
The Role of the Media and Reference Groups on the Shaping of Political Attitudes of Students (Case Study: Islamic Awakening Uprisings in the Middle East) (6430 Views)
The Muslim Iranians’ Role in the Development of Arabic (6388 Views)
Critical Discourse Analysis of Iran and Shiite in Saudi Arabian Online News Sites (6370 Views)
Cultural Gaps and Ideological Conflicts in the Arab Countries of the Middle East with Emphasis on Political Developments 2010-2014 (6345 Views)
The Principle of Freedom as a Right and Appearance of Intellectual Currents in the Political Thought of Islam (6186 Views)
English School of International Reactions: a Paradigm Shift? (5948 Views)
Examination of the Causes of Joining of Foreign Fighters to ISIS Groups (5941 Views)
An Analysis on Iran- Iraq Relations Based on the Discourse of Iranophobia (5920 Views)
The Media Crisis in Management of the “Islamic Awakening Movement in Bahrain” (5912 Views)
Religious Approach in Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Diplomacy: A Case Study of Muslim World League (5831 Views)
International documents on minority rights from the perspective of Islam and the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran (5809 Views)
Libyan Salafi Groups and the 17th Feb. Revolution (5805 Views)
Explanation of Iran’s Geopolitical Smart Power Indicators along with the New Developments in the Middle East (5749 Views)
A Discourse Approach to Islamophobia (5615 Views)
A Comparative Study of Foreign News of Television and Mind Frame of Tehran People from Outside World: with Emphasis on the Palestinian Crisis (5457 Views)
A Comparative Study of Iran-Turkey’s Approaches toward Middle East transformations (5371 Views)
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بررسی آلودگی‌های زیست محیطی درکشورهای جهان اسلام (19410 Downloads)
Islam and International Relations: Onthological perspective (12757 Downloads)
ریشه‌های پیدایش و رشد جریان های تکفیری منتسب به اهل سنت در آسیای جنوب غربی (10737 Downloads)
Children's Rights in Islam and Political Violence in Islamic World (9945 Downloads)
America, Proxy Wars, and Middle East Security (9835 Downloads)
The Effect of Functionalism Theory on the Formation of Bureaucracy and the Structure of Culture in Iran (9450 Downloads)
The components of soft power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its capacities in the international arena from experts' viewpoint (9377 Downloads)
The Status of Human Rights in Islam and International Documents (9058 Downloads)
The characteristics of Apocalypse government as Desirable Future of Humanity Islamic Future Studies Relying on Nahjul-Balagha (8216 Downloads)
The Impact of ISIS Emergence on the National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (7982 Downloads)
تبیین نقش و جایگاه قدرت نرم در تحقق اهداف سیاست داخلی و خارجی (7773 Downloads)
Iran’s Role and Position in the Persian Gulf Security System (6890 Downloads)
Wahhabism and the continuing domination of the Saudis (6258 Downloads)
Analysis of the Regional Dimensions of the Israeli Wars Against Hezbollah and Hamas Based on the Balance of Power Approach (5958 Downloads)
The paradigmatic transformation of the concept of power and security in the age of globalization and its impact on the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (5937 Downloads)
The strength of the National Power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Thoughts of the Supreme Leader, Emphasizing the Defense-Security Components (5881 Downloads)
Approach of the Security Council toward the Crisis in Syrian Islamic country (2011-2016) (5738 Downloads)
Identity geopolitic and its impact on security stretegies of Iran – Saudi Arabie towards Yemeni crisis (5637 Downloads)
Ratio of Transformations in the West Asia Region to the National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (5380 Downloads)
The impact of ideology on national interests and national security in foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Emphasizing on Imam Khomeini's ideas (ra) (5289 Downloads)
The Nation-building Government in Islamic word and the Contemporary World Policy of the US (5149 Downloads)
Islamic extremism and the future political stability in the Middle East (5138 Downloads)
Syrian crisis and Turkish national security (5136 Downloads)
The Futurology of the Syrian Political and Security Crisis based on Scenario Writing (5093 Downloads)
Demographic Analysis of Muslims in Contemporary World (4825 Downloads)
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