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The media role in the social and political development: Emphasizing about Iran semanticist society (13722 Views)
The Process of Development in Modern Malaysia (7840 Views)
Recognition of New Salafist Groups’ Currents in Syria based on Discourse Analysis (7177 Views)
Assessment of Competition Element Impact on Proxy Wars of Iran and Saudi Arabia (7102 Views)
Isis Advent Consequences on the Middle East Geopolitics (7073 Views)
Components of Citizenship Rights from the View Point of Imam Ali (PBUH) (6813 Views)
Recognition of Key Factors of Uprising in the Arabic Middle East by Fuzzy Delphi (6755 Views)
Iran and Turkey's Foreign Policy and Stances Towards the Syria Crisis (6679 Views)
Praxeology of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood during the Reign (Recognition of the Fall of Muslim Brotherhood After One Year in Office) (6525 Views)
The Muslim Iranians’ Role in the Development of Arabic (6491 Views)
The Role of the Media and Reference Groups on the Shaping of Political Attitudes of Students (Case Study: Islamic Awakening Uprisings in the Middle East) (6482 Views)
Critical Discourse Analysis of Iran and Shiite in Saudi Arabian Online News Sites (6432 Views)
Cultural Gaps and Ideological Conflicts in the Arab Countries of the Middle East with Emphasis on Political Developments 2010-2014 (6409 Views)
The Principle of Freedom as a Right and Appearance of Intellectual Currents in the Political Thought of Islam (6302 Views)
An Analysis on Iran- Iraq Relations Based on the Discourse of Iranophobia (6089 Views)
English School of International Reactions: a Paradigm Shift? (6003 Views)
Examination of the Causes of Joining of Foreign Fighters to ISIS Groups (5988 Views)
The Media Crisis in Management of the “Islamic Awakening Movement in Bahrain” (5971 Views)
International documents on minority rights from the perspective of Islam and the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran (5945 Views)
Religious Approach in Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Diplomacy: A Case Study of Muslim World League (5903 Views)
Libyan Salafi Groups and the 17th Feb. Revolution (5858 Views)
Explanation of Iran’s Geopolitical Smart Power Indicators along with the New Developments in the Middle East (5796 Views)
A Discourse Approach to Islamophobia (5670 Views)
A Comparative Study of Foreign News of Television and Mind Frame of Tehran People from Outside World: with Emphasis on the Palestinian Crisis (5501 Views)
A Comparative Study of Iran-Turkey’s Approaches toward Middle East transformations (5442 Views)
Impact of Islamic revolution on Syrian Ikhwan al muslimeen (5391 Views)
Human Dignity in Holy Quran and Its Socio-Political Consequences (5292 Views)
A Sociological Reflection on the Grounds of Shaping and Developing Islamic Extremism in Nigeria (5258 Views)
Religion and Government in the Thought of Gulen Based on Sprign’s Analytical Framework (5034 Views)
Explaining Iran’s Security Strategy on Syria Crisis (2011-2013) (4996 Views)
Islam and International relations, from Problem -solving to Emancipatory knowledge (4970 Views)
The Egyptian Military’s Role and Position in the July 2011 Revolution Developments (4961 Views)
Impact of Islamic Awakening Developments on Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia (4961 Views)
the quiddity of Extremism in Political Islam: roots of identity and normative action (4940 Views)
The Social Contexts of Islamism in Iran and Post-Islamism in Turkey (4916 Views)
Review of the Opportunities and Challenges of the Transition to Democracy in Turkey from the 1980s onwards,from the Perspective of Constructivism Theory (4910 Views)
Discursive Territoriality Process A Critique on the Shiite Crescent Theory (4833 Views)
The Role and Sratus of Security Defense Component on Consolidation and Development of National Authority (4826 Views)
Explaining America's Foreign Policy in theM of the Revolutionary- Arabic Transformations: From Constructivism to Procedures and Practices Based on External Meanings (4825 Views)
The Basics of the International System Division and its Convergence and Divergence in the Interactionism Discourse against the Dominating System (4806 Views)
Clemency (Afav) in Holy Quran (4790 Views)
Transformations in Bahrain the Challenges and Opportunities Facing the National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (4748 Views)
The Role of Friendship Associations in Development of Cultural Diplomacy and Providing Efficient Strategies (4746 Views)
Religious Dimensions of the Independence in the Iran National Culture and its Effect on Relationship with the U.S (4740 Views)
From Revolution to Coup: Civil-Military Relations in the New Egypt (4738 Views)
Origins and background of political mistrust in Iranian society in the course of Pahlavi (4711 Views)
IGreat Middle East of Muslim World Challenges and Solutions (4704 Views)
Structural and Administrative Patterns in Cultural Diplomacy of Turkey (4702 Views)
American Grand Strategy and Rotation of Turkey’s Foreign Policy in Middle East (4698 Views)
Processology of the Astray Anathema Groups in Islam (4674 Views)
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